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1. Open your mIRC 2. Click on Options 3. Click on Servers, and click on Add 4. Type in the following: Description: Rizon Network IRC Server: Ports: 6667-6669 Group: Rizon 5. Click on Add and you will see this 6. Click on Rizon Network and click on Select then you will be brought to this page 7. Click on Connect and wait for it to be connected, then type in /join #asianbookie and you are done 8. You are DONE!!

Seems like I had studied till eyes swollen again. Eyes seems like already reaching the maximum limit it can tolerate now o.O Kinda tire, mentally and physically because of exam and also some personal stuffs AGAIN. Wondering which of the wire in my head actually went hayed again as I should be worrying more on my exam than any other stuffs such as this. “An ending may not be a new beginning, it might be a start of another tragedy. “

hmm… just bath finish not long ago… feeling kinda troubled and lost.. don’t know what to do next other than move on with my studies as prelims is at the corner lol… thinking of someone yet don’t know what can be done to make it right or make it work right. this feeling kinda unexplainable and also don’t know what more can i do to go on the right track.. 2 objectives for the day: 1 met 1 still left undone 1. to meet up with her 2. clear up my econs seems like i missing her more today than how much i missed her ytd..

Thursday (09/09/10) Almost a year did not touched the blog.. kinda do some updates on my life. First,¬† I’m still working in StarHub, as usual. Just that had converted from front line to backend job now. Second, I am currently pursuing my Degree @ SIM (finally got in to a uni). Hope to clear it with flying colors although some of the things the lecturers said is unclear or maybe its I just don’t understand. That’s all about me for the past few months….

Thursday (12/11/09) I’m setting up a new blog for personal use as my had been official used for anime purpose.. That makes it kinda hard for me to type out how I feel, for personal use.. Hope this helps as I kinda not used to wordpress after so long didn’t use it…